Healthy Co Challenge

What is the Healthy Co. Challenge?

The San Jose 408k created the “ Healthy Co. Challenge” to provide companies an avenue for their employees to register as a company, to train together, to be healthy and to have fun. For every company that participates in the “ Healthy Co. Challenge,” the San Jose 408k will provide the following:

  • - Listing on our website (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum Levels)
  • - Shout out at the starting line by our hype man. Think microphone + Red Bulls + Live DJ
  • - Pride, just lots of residual healthy pride.

Distinctive Levels of the Healthiest Co. Recognition are as follows: 

  • Bronze Level (10+ Employees) – Just think of all the companies that didn’t show up. You beat them
  • Silver Level (20+ Employees) – You destroyed the Bronze team. Sorry bronze team.
  • Gold Level (50+ Employees) – Gold is tops, well it’s almost tops. See below.
  • Platinum Level (100+ Employees) – Usain Bolt doesn’t even have a platinum medal. He might, but he had to buy it.

 *** Silver, Gold and Platinum levels have option to receive a 10 x 10 space for a branded tent at the Starting Line. 

The 408’s Healthiest Company Award 

The company with the MOST employees will be awarded with a big ol’ plaque to display in their office, recognizing them as the “408’s Healthiest Company,” as well as a catered (healthy) breakfast at their office to celebrate.  We’re thinking bagels, schmear, fresh juice and high fives on the Friday morning of your choice.

What are the group discount levels for companies?
  • - 10 or more employees gets 20% OFF per registrant
  • - 50 or more employees gets 30% OFF per registrant

Who’s already in the Healthy Co. Challenge?

View current list of participating companies HERE.

How to enroll?

Interested in enrolling employees from your company? Please email us at and we’ll get you set up.