408k Ambassadors

408k Ambassador Program

OK, so you love the idea behind the 408k Race to the Row and want to get more involved. Awesome, here’s your chance! The 408k Race is looking to bring together a diverse and enthusiastic group of ambassadors.  It’s all part of the 408k event; a collection of locals, runners, volunteers, bloggers, neighbors, dogs, and more – all of whom love the 408 and what our run stands for.

– One blog post
– 4 volunteer hours on race weekend
– Attend one pre-race event to promote the 408k Race
– Be a social media dude or diva (i.e. you use facebook/twitter/instagram and you’re darn good at it.)

In return:
– A free race entry
–  408k Ambassador Run Shirt
– The platform to speak your beautiful mind

Plus, we’ll make you a part of our referral program, which means for every person that signs up through your personal referral link, you’ll earn $4.08. That’s at least enough for one of the daily triple macchiatos you’re addicted to.  And if you have 30 friends, you’ll be able to feed your habit for a whole month!